Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Custom Leather Biker Wallets

If you are looking for a unique custom item, look no further than
Big Papa Leather.
I am Allen from Big Papa Leather and I make unique leather items. Custom Leather items for custom people.

Without a doubt you can buy leather in many places. From Wal-mart to Nieman Marcus. These items may carry a small price tag to an outrageous one. But either way they have something in common. They are production made items. They are made in mass quantities and of the same cookie cutter shape, size and colors. Why not choose an item that is custom made to your style.

I use only the highest grade hides. If it is a cowhide wallet, rest assured the leather is thick, durable and the best quality available. For a biker wallet you will get a hunk of leather that will last for years to come. None of this pleather garbage that will look like hammered dog doo in a few months, but a hunk of hide that most likely you can pass down to your kids.

If your into exotic leathers... well so am I! I love the look and feel of exotic skins. Here is an example of a crocodile wallet . This wallet was completely handmade from the cutting of the skin to the dying of the interior. This is not a cookie cutter wallet. It is a real man's man wallet. It has 12 card pockets, two cash slots and a zippered compartment.

Are you sick and tired of the standard interiors offered by the box stores? Do you want to carry 12 credit cards and room for other stuff? How about nothing but cash? I do offer a standard interior that has room for 6 cards and a cash slot. But I can custom make an interior to suit you.
How about an interior that can carry cash, a couple credit cards and business cards? Look here.

Do you have a biker chain and need a grommet, or are you interested in achain style wallet? Well grommets, custom chain attachments and the chain itself can be incorporated into the design of your wallet.

If your looking for a high quality leather item, made to your specifications with the options you'd like to see, well then drop me an email. Or you can buy a premade generic wallet and next year, buy another and another.... another.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Handmade elephant Hide biker wallet

This is one tough wallet. Made from real elephant hide. It has an awesome texture and feel. Although it is a heavy duty hide, it is not heavy but surprisingly weighs less than you'd expect.

The interior features 8 card slots and the bottom pockets are made of the same elephant hide as the back. I used a high quality durable pig leather lining with a grain pattern that complements the elephant quite nicely. This wallet is unlined as I did not want to spoil all that elephant goodness.

The whole wallet is laced together with black kangaroo lace. Kangaroo is undoubtedly the Cadillac of lace. Soft and supple, yet strong and durable.

I create biker wallets for people who want a custom item at a reasonable price. My wallets not only beautiful they are bad ass. So if you need an infusion of bad ass in your life, get you one today.

Check out Big Papa Leather for other great biker wallets made from high quality leather, handmade in the USA.